? With the New Year’s atmosphere, let’s join Makita in the minigame “KHAI MÁY ĐẦU NĂM-SĂN NGAY QUÀ TẶNG”, just send pictures and videos of your New Year activities with Makita’s  machine or accessories. (Sales, work, or other activities).
?1 1st Prize: Includes 1 Makita Handbag E-05468 and 1 Pair of Makita Gloves
?2 2nd Prizes: Each prize includes 1 L E-05387 Brown Belt and 1 pair of Makita Gloves
?4 3rd Prizes: 1 Set  ( 29 Pcs ) E-07113 and 1 Pair of Makita Gloves or 1 Set ( 31 Pcs ) B-69901 and 1 Pair of Makita Gloves or 1 Set ( 27 Pieces ) E-07098 and 1 Pair of Makita Gloves or 1 Set of (18 Pcs) E-07082 and 1 Pair of Makita Gloves
1️⃣Like Fanpage Makita Vietnam. Official
2️⃣Like and share this post in public mode on my personal page, or public groups that you  join.
3️⃣Comment on this article with pictures and videos of activities.
• The products must be genuine Makita products, do not change the structure of the product, the activities must ensure the safety for users. If you do not meet these requirements, Makita will hide your comments when announcing the reason
• There is no limit to the number of entries per individual. The results are calculated based on the post with the highest number of likes.
• BTC reserves the right to refuse submissions that copy image content from Google and other social networks.
• Any dispute that may arise in the process, the final decision belongs to Makita
• Materials of players participating in the game, BTC has the right to use for communication purposes on Fanpage Makita Vietnam. Official
• Cases of cheating (like hack like,…) after confirming Makita will not count the results for that contest.
1️⃣Makita only calculates prizes for customers who fulfill all 3 requirements above.
2️⃣Calculated by the number of likes on the image in the comment section of the post.
3️⃣If the number of likes is equal, the number of shares of this post will be taken into account.
4️⃣The image and video with the most likes will be awarded, from high to low, and 7 prizes will be selected. If the likes are equal, the number of shares of this post will be taken into account.
⏰Participation period: From February 11, 2022 to February 25, 2022
?Results will be announced on Makita Vietnam fanpage. Official on 02-03-2022, stay tuned.

Link participate in :